[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add option to disable termios.h usage

Takis Issaris t4k1s
Sun Mar 6 22:40:18 CET 2011


The attached patch adds an ffmpeg commandline option to allow one to disable 
ffmpeg using tcgetattr and tcsetattr to modify terminal parameters.

The issue I am having is the following:
1. I start one instance of ffmpeg (process A).
2. Process A stores the current attributes, which it would restore at the end of 
its execution.
3. Process A modifes the terminals parameters.
4. I start a second instance of ffmpeg (process B) on the same terminal, which 
also stores the already modified attributes, which it would also restore at the 
end of its execution.
5. Process A ends and correctly restores the terminals attributes.
6. Process B ends and restores the terminals attributes which had already been 
modified by process A.

In the end, the attributes do not get restored correctly, forcing me to use 
"reset" or "stty sane".
Met vriendelijke groeten,

PS: This is the first time I use Yahoo's mail for patches, so hopefully it gets 
attached nicely.

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