[FFmpeg-devel] (new) intermediate codec

Lars Täuber lars.taeuber
Wed Mar 9 22:51:17 CET 2011

Hello everybody,

this is a tentative request for a general purpose intermediate video codec within the ffmpeg project.
I'd like to sponsor it's developement to a certain amount.

It should feature the following:
- intracoded only (possible)
- lossless coding (possible)
- multithreaded encoding
- multithreaded decoding
- supported formats:
--- main integer colorspaces: GRAY, RGB, YUV, RGBA, YUVA (1, 3, 4 (or more) planes)
--- main color depths: 8bit, 16bit (both full scaled)
--- main subsamplings for yuv: 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4

RGB24, ARGB32, RGB48, (ARGB64?)
YUV420, YUVA444, YUV422P16, (YUVA420P16?)
GRAY8, GRAY16, Y400A

As an extra bonus it could be fast, but this is less important

I often use the HuffYUV codec. But it supoorts only a small renage of color spaces/depths.
I don't need the requested features yet, but I like the idea to never need to think again if this used codec supports the video format I got from a cam I own (in future).
Maybe this HuffYUV codec or its enhanced ffvhuff version is a good starting point and it could easily be enhanced further to support all my requests?
On the other hand there is the lagarith codec, which seems to compress better and is faster. But ffmpeg lacks an encoder for it yet.

Or maybe a new codec written from scratch is less work?

As stated above I'd donate some money.

What do you think about this? Maybe this could become a GSoC project?


PS: I attached a small patch for huffyuv.c
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