[FFmpeg-devel] (new) intermediate codec

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Thu Mar 10 21:57:18 CET 2011

On 03/10/2011 08:49 PM, Lars T?uber wrote:
> Okay, the multithreaded encoding isn't supported in ffmpeg yet.

Depends on which level of multithreading you mean, as I told you and
Michael more explicitly said ffv1 has already some of the features you
are looking for =)

> I thought this wouldn't be that hard for a ffmpeg dev. I might be wrong.

multiple colorspaces is a bit annoying IMHO.

> I could generate some raw videos from 16 pngs and encode a still video
> in every colorspace I'd like the codec to support.

> But isn't this a bit to trivial to be posted?

It's time consuming. Anything time consuming but trivial is more
problematic than something hard but doable in short time once grasped.

> I'll try to write a codec sceleton that someone familiar with the ffmpeg
> internals and with mathematical background can complete.

As I said the most promising lossless codec I know is ffv1 so if you
could provide the samples you might get someone to expand it.



Luca Barbato

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