[FFmpeg-devel] Copyright claims about material on ffmpeg.org

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Mon Mar 14 13:33:12 CET 2011


Mans Rullgard claims copyright on the ffmpeg logo and threatenes with legal
consequences if it is not removed from ffmpeg.org:

public #ffmpeg-dev
Mar 13 17:50:47 <mru>   michaelni: please stop using my logo now
Mar 13 17:51:00 <mru>   or you'll get a letter from my lawyer

I redid the logo within about 1h notice of the alleged violation so the current
one on ffmpeg.org is no longer mans work. (and never was his design)

This though just resulted in Ronald S. Bultje, claiming now copyright on my
zigzag design and threatening with SFLC lawyers
(btw i still should have the pencil and paper drawing here of the zigzag

Mar 13 19:37:19 <BBB>   michaelni: sorry, you don't own the zigzag logo, mru does. but I can ask aaron to help you with this monday if you so please

It really sadens me to see FOSS people resort to SCO methods.

What are the other developers oppinion about this?
should i just ignore that or should we give in to these ridiculous
claims and drop the zigzag / create a entirely new logo?

Also diego has raised the issue of copyrights on the text on the homepage.
Ive asked him by private mail but he sidesteped the matter entirely in his
So i ask here in public again, does anyone who has copyright on parts of the HP
wants us to remove something from the ffmpeg.org homepage ?

I do consider things that people commited to the homepage or submited patches
for to have been intended to be displayed on the homepage. And thus the
authors of that work agreeing to the stuff being there. But if people explicitly
state they want something removed, we will remove it of course.

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