[FFmpeg-devel] Copyright claims about material on ffmpeg.org

Rob robert.swain
Mon Mar 14 19:37:18 CET 2011


On 14 March 2011 13:33, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:
> So i ask here in public again, does anyone who has copyright on parts of the HP
> wants us to remove something from the ffmpeg.org homepage ?
> I do consider things that people commited to the homepage or submited patches
> for to have been intended to be displayed on the homepage. And thus the
> authors of that work agreeing to the stuff being there. But if people explicitly
> state they want something removed, we will remove it of course.

I developed the current website's layout and colour scheme. I do not
support Michael's actions but I will not revoke usage of the website's
aesthetics as I do not think it would gain anything.

I do not really have any hope for a resolution between the two sides
and I no longer have the energy nor will to seek one. It seems people
have chosen their sides. I support libav.org and those working on the
libav.org tree and hope that efforts will continue towards the goals
we originally discussed so that any community surrounding the codebase
can work in a productive and positive environment.


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