[FFmpeg-devel] Regarding the Summer of Code and the FFMPEG/LIBAV bifurcation.

Benjamin Larsson banan
Mon Mar 14 23:56:31 CET 2011

On 03/14/2011 11:46 PM, Chris DiBona wrote:
> Hi everyone;
> I work on open source programs at Google and part of that work is the Summer
> of Code. I'm cc'ing our GSoC program lead, Carol, on this.
> So it probably won't surprise many people on this list that in the 7 years
> of the Summer of Code, we've seen this kind of split/fork of organizations
> before. Typically, we remove a project from the SoC to allow for some
> cooling off. We're not going to do that this time.
> In this case, since the SoC project admin is well known to us and since we
> trust Ronald to handle the allocation of students equitably amongst the
> various mentors and since we expect the student work to be broadly useful to
> both ffmpeg and libav, we're going to allow ffmpeg/libav to participate in
> the summer of code again for 2011. We will be changing the name of the
> container project to ffmpeg/libav to reflect the change in direction of the
> two projects.
> I expect that those of you who will end up mentoring students in the project
> will do so with the utmost skill, respect and will maintain the high
> standards we've come to expect of a multi-year mentoring organization.
> if you have any questions, feel free to post them here or email me at
> cdibona at google.com.
> Chris DiBona

Thank you for your and Googles continued support in ffmpeg/libav.

Benjamin Larsson

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