[FFmpeg-devel] (trying to be) a voice of reason

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Tue Mar 15 17:35:24 CET 2011

Le quintidi 25 vent?se, an CCXIX, Stefano Sabatini a ?crit?:
> I don't think this can be applied, after all this is a vote about
> FFmpeg, who set up libav.org is free to continue with it, but the

I am sure it can not be applied: as far as I remember, M?ns clearly stated
that he will never work peacefully with Michael and refuses any form of

> point of the vote is to try to avoid the split and resolve the
> conflict within FFmpeg, I want to believe that it's still not too
> late.

I believe it too.

> And I want to add again that this shouldn't be considered a vote
> against/in favor of Michael, FFmpeg != Michael, but it would be a vote
> about the best policy for the project.
> If that means that Michael will have to step back from the leader
> position, abide by the rules of all the other developers, with no
> special rights and privileges, let it be, and he already assured that
> he will honor the result of the vote.

Hear, hear.


  Nicolas George
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