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Nicolas George nicolas.george
Wed Mar 16 08:41:54 CET 2011

Le sextidi 26 vent?se, an CCXIX, Rob a ?crit?:
>					      announced them and shut
> down the old ones as that infrastructure no longer operates on the
> ffmpeg.org domain and will not for the foreseeable future.

More precisely: the "new team" was lead by the people who control the actual
server that hosted FFmpeg, MPlayer and the mailing-lists. They used that
control to kick Michael out.

Michael installed new servers, and obtained from Fabrice, the original
author of FFmpeg, to change the DNS records.

Thus, the "new team" was forced to move to another hardware. As said, they
installed their new lists, subscribed everyone.

Then they shut down the old mailing-lists before new ones were operational,
and made difficulties to give Michael the list of subscribers.

There was absolutely no need to shut the old mailing-lists so soon. The fact
that they did so is for me absolute proof that they do not care for the well
being of the project.


  Nicolas George
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