[FFmpeg-devel] 2nd Asking: Want to hire FFMpeg consultant

Tim Ouellette Tim at video-dynamics.com
Wed Mar 30 15:49:11 CEST 2011

I'm aware that this is slight misuse of this devel-list but my condition
is becoming rather grave.  Please allow me to explain, as explained in a
previous email I have cameras that need to be transcoded (audio) and
remuxed for viewing purposes onto IP STBs and stored by a VoD service.

If I do not have a solution to this problem by the time my company opens
on Monday it will costs us thousands of dollars to correct by
implementing more hardware and will lose some functionality.

I have been authorized (by my company) to hire a consultant to provide a
solution to this problem. We are willing to pay $5,000.00 (USD) to
whoever can provide us with a working solution.  I will be available to
assist in any manner required at any time of the day.  I am reachable
VIA e-mail, phone, or instant messenger.  I have a Fedora box that is
being moved outside of my corporate firewall as we speak and the camera
as well.  I can provide an account on the Fedora box with as many rights
as you need (including root if required).   

I was very shocked by the number errors (mostly macroblock errors)
thrown my ffmpeg during the stream reception which leads me to believe
that Panasonic is using a non-standard H.264 implementation.

Here is a copy of the Panasonic WV-SC385 technical documentation
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FTE3LGK1 (click "Regular Download" on the
right side to recv the file)
page 258+ documents Panasonics H.264 implementation
page 351+ documents Panasonics RTSP stream implementation

This is only slightly short of begging for help.

Sorry for being an annoyance,

Tim Ouellette
Sr. Systems Engineer
Video Dynamics Inc

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I read on the FFMpeg site that this is possibly one of the best ways to
reach numerous people that would be interested in being hired as a
consult.  Having said that I am looking to hire one or two people as
consultants (to work together or independently) for a short term period.


I have 38 IP based cameras (Panasonic WV-SC385) that currently are
broadcasting H.264 video and G726 audio over RTSP.  I need these two
streams demuxed, the audio stream needs to be re-encoded as MPEG audio
and then have the streams re-muxed as MPEG-TS in as real near time as
possible.  Delay in retransmission that is within seconds is considered
acceptable, audio and picture quality take priority over real time
speed.  I have currently one dedicated Dell R310 server (Xeon 2.4ghz,
quad core, 4gb ram) running Fedora 14.


If you are interested in this project please read the technical specs as
listed below for more information.  Please include cost to complete the
project and estimated completion time.  If you wish to complete this
task by writing a custom piece of code using the FFMpeg libs I wish to
retain a copy of the source code should in the future modifications need
to be made.


The system is currently located in the Northern VA area (USA).  While
location is not a requirement it may be beneficial to come out to my
office to evaluate the camera in real time.  Besides I can give you all
the coffee and soda you could ever ask for.  My contact information is
as follows: tim at video-dynamics.com .  Upon acceptance I will provide you
with a physical location if you wish and phone number to reach me.
Payment will be provide be way of company check.  If you need any
additional information please feel free to email me with questions or


Thanks for reading,


Additional Technical Specs:

  Transcoding ReStreaming Hardware:

-          R310 server (Xeon 2.4ghz, quad core, 4gb ram) running Fedora
14.  I am willing to open up telnet and place it on an external address
at my office for remote access.

-          Upon completion of the first restream we will evaluate the
hardware platform and purchase additional hardware to allow for 38


  The Camera:

-          Panasonic WV-SC385 


-          I do have Panasonics technical documentation on this camera
(External Interface Specifications Network Camera) - 437 page

-          The current transmission speed is 4096 kbps but can be
changed up to 8192 kbps

-          The current resolution is 1280x720 - 30FPS - 16:9 aspect 


  The final result:

-          Needs to readable by an IP STB (Amino 130H)

-          Needs to be broadcasted to a UDP multicast address (ranged -

-          Needs to be muxed with MPEG-TS (requirement of the Amino)

-          Video Needs to only be "copied" not transcoded

-          Audio does need to be transcoded and should remain in sync
with video as much as possible



-          You may use ffmpeg, ffserver, or any other open software that
you feel may help with this project

-          We (Video Dynamics) wishes to retain a copy of all original


Other Information:

-          The network is all LAN based, the cameras are 100mbs, the
core is 1gb and is managed (VIA Cisco's CIOS)


Thanks again,


Tim Ouellette

Sr. Systems Engineer

Video Dynamics Inc.



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