[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavfi: add avolume filter

Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 01:24:14 CET 2011

On date Wednesday 2011-11-02 21:47:10 +0100, Nicolas George encoded:
> Le duodi 12 brumaire, an CCXX, Stefano Sabatini a écrit :
> > * maybe I should change the syntax for the relative value, indeed
> >   avolume=2.0 is confusingly different from avolume=2, I could for
> >   example require to add an x (as times) to it.
> >   So we would have:
> >   avolume=2x
> >   for increasing volume by two.
> My humble opinion about that is that, for the users, the order of usefulness
> is: "avolume=1.5" > "avolume=+3.5dB" > "avolume=384", and therefore, the
> syntax should make the first one the most accessible.
> What about: if there is a sign at the start, then it is in decibels, else it
> is a float factor, and use the eval interface to get the value? This, the
> above becomes: "avolume=1.5" > "avolume=+3.5" > "avolume=384/256".

Nice idea, I preferred to make the user specify "dB" and considered
the -+ optional in the decibel expression.

Also fixed various overflow problems, and renamed the filter to
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