[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavfi: port MPlayer's af_pan filter to libavfilter.

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Sat Nov 5 21:21:38 CET 2011

Le quintidi 15 brumaire, an CCXX, Clément Bœsch a écrit :
> The "only" thing I kept is the panning code (with almost everything renamed):

> But since it's the core of the filter, I'd like to keep the original
> authorship.

Attributing original authorship is good, but pan is a very important filter,
and we should avoid license issues. If the code is completely reimplemented,
then there is no need to contact Anders to relicense it to LGPL, while it is
still possible to credit him for the original work.

> What if the filter is extended to support other sample formats?

Stefano's solution in af_format was to have both set of coefficients, int
and float, and I find it rather good.

> Feel free to update that patch when you feel like it then :)
> Do you think this feature is blocking?

I rushed something else to avoid blocking an important feature. Incoming
patch series.


  Nicolas George
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