[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] asfenc.c: Fixed ASF Encoder's Assertion Failure Issue

Chiranjeevi Melam cmelam at rgbnetworks.com
Wed Sep 7 17:15:03 CEST 2011

Hi ,
Attached is the patch in ASF Encoder. The issue will surface only after running the ffserver for multiple days.
"Fixed  the assertion failure issue in ASF Encoder  which will surface after running multiple days. Fix is changing the time stamp variable from " int" type to "int64_t " type." The 32 bit roll over causes
the variable "packet_timestamp_end"  >=  to "packet_timestamp_start" which leads to assertion failure.

Here is some debug info

fserver: libavformat/asfenc.c:654: flush_packet: Assertion
`asf->packet_timestamp_end >= asf->packet_timestamp_start' failed.
/opt/ripcode/bin/ffserver.sh: line 4: 25195 Aborted                 (core
dumped) /opt/ripcode/bin/ffserver ${1+"$@"}


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