[FFmpeg-devel] av_read_frame return -32 before EOF in case of gsm_ms/gsm wav files

Gaurav objectgaurav at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 09:01:43 CEST 2011

av_read_frame function is returning -32 after 5/6 frames but I have very large
file. This behaviour of the code is only for libgsm wav files only. If I play
.mp3 or other wav files there is no error.

Can some one help me why av_read_frame return -32 before EOF in case of
libgsm_ms file on android platfrom.

Below id my source code:

while (mCurrentState != MEDIA_PLAYER_DECODED 
    && mCurrentState != MEDIA_PLAYER_STOPPED 
    && mCurrentState != MEDIA_PLAYER_STATE_ERROR )
    __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG, "Inside Decoder Run Loop.");
    if (mDecoderAudio->packets() > FFMPEG_PLAYER_MAX_QUEUE_SIZE) {
        __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG, "mDecoderAudio->packets()  >
FFMPEG_PLAYER_MAX_QUEUE_SIZE, lets sleep for 2mili sec.");
    __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG, "Lets read frame using
av_read_frame: %u",mMovieFile);
    int nResult = av_read_frame(mMovieFile, &pPacket);
    __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG, "Read frameresult: %d",nResult);
    if(nResult < 0) {
        mCurrentState = MEDIA_PLAYER_DECODED;
        __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG, "No more frame to decode.");
    if(mCurrentState == MEDIA_PLAYER_PAUSED){
        __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG,"Player state is
    if (pPacket.stream_index == mAudioStreamIndex) {
        __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG,"Lets Enqueue Packet");
    else {
         __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, TAG,"Lets Free Packet");

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