[FFmpeg-devel] [libav-devel] [PATCH 5/6] Fixed segfaults on corruped smaker streams in the decoder.

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Tue Sep 13 01:54:46 CEST 2011

On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 01:16:07AM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 12:39:25AM +0200, Laurent Aimar wrote:
> > On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 12:37:16AM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > > the amount written and the amount the user app is told that was written
> > > doesnt match:
> > > *data_size = unp_size;
> > > 
> > > so it seems there are some bugs in the decoder
> > 
> > Mmh, I have no idea then. I don't know how smacker works :(
> i know where the error is, ill fix it in a moment
> but i have no stereo files nor 16bit so this is a bit guessing for
> the other cases
> if someone has such smacker files ...

i pushed my fix, (d67e74929c if kostya wants to cherry pick it)
i still havnt had luck finding anything bit u8 mono samples
maybe kostya has some and could check if i guessed correctly how the
other 3 cases should be ?


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