[FFmpeg-devel] Concurrent ProRes decoder

Maxim max_pole at gmx.de
Wed Sep 21 03:42:38 CEST 2011

Hi crews,

Yes, it's no mistake! What you see is just another code implementing
ProRes decoder.

Now I'm going to explain that confusion.
Writing a ProRes compatible decoder began as team project in 2010.
During this period, I created an internal documentation on the coding
algorithm (entropy coding, slicing and inverse transform); a part of
this doc has been published at


already in 2010 (see my nickname "Maxpol" for a proof), but not to much
to avoid an implementation by someone else.

Later I wrote a working decoder. Due to the lack for interlaced frames
it was incomplete, but it could handle the most of samples available.

Further I shared my docs and code with another developer, whose name I
don't want to mention here. He wrote his own code, heavily based on my work.

The team suffered from poor communication and political intrigues...

A few days ago that other developer has submitted his decoder
anonymously. I feel that the code, containing a significant part of my
work, was released without proper credit.

Therefore I decided to post my code as well (without any parts written
by the other guy though). Hereby I claim copyright on several parts of
the ProRes decoder (vlc, headers and slice decoding), because due to my
hard work it has reached its final form.

My code may be of particular interest because of:
- compatible license (LGPL)
- a full description of the codec (especially its headers and encoding
algorithms) I'm going to make publicitly available soon
- maintainership by a real person instead of an anonymous one

Therefore I let you, crews, to make a final decision about all that...

Best regards
Maxim Poliakovski

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