[FFmpeg-devel] Testing hardware H264 encoder (probably OT)

Andrea Marson - DAVE Simply Embedded andrea.marson at dave.eu
Sat Apr 7 09:35:41 CEST 2012

Fist of all I would apologize if this post is not strictly related to 
the topic of this mailing list. I hope that some video experts will 
kindly give me some hints or useful links that allow me to continue my 
research elsewhere.

I'm performing some tests on hardware H264 encoder integrated in a 
system-on-chip by Texas Instruments. The first thing I have to do is to 
prove it is able to encode a 1080p60 video without any frame drop.
To do this test, I built with ffmpeg and ImageMagick a 1080p60 video 
where every frame has been "tagged" by a text showing a progressive 
counter starting from 1 at the first frame. This allows to identify each 
single frame in the video. I feed the encoder with this video and I 
store the output stream on a file. By inspecting the output file on a 
frame-by-frame basis I'm able to verify how the encoder processed the 
input video.
With current configuration encoder drops around 600 frames out of 2800. 
I would like to change one of encoder parameters (profile, level, 
bitrate etc.) at a time in order to find the proper combination that 
leads to no frame drop. Since there are tons of parameters, I would not 
change these randomly so I'd like to understand which parameters I 
should look at first. Secondly I'd like to know if there are different 
test suites that are more efficient than my rough test procedure.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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