[FFmpeg-devel] Testing hardware H264 encoder (probably OT)

Andrea Marson - DAVE Simply Embedded andrea.marson at dave.eu
Wed Apr 11 12:43:17 CEST 2012

> If you want to get encoder X to do Y best would be to reads encoders
> X manual or if its something you bought, licensed or so. There may
> be a a support hotline.
> Not sure why you think we would know how to configure some random
> hardware encoder, is there some relation to ffmpeg ? is that hardware
> decoder using ffmpeg ?


thanks for your feedback.
Your remarks are fair. Unfortunately the documentation provided along 
with the encoder and the support is poor.
Even if the encoder is not related to ffmpeg I posted to this mailing list:
1) to find out some "rule of thumbs" related to basic well-known 
encoding parameters (profile, level, bitrate etc.) that I should follow 
in order to improve frame drop rate at the expense of, for example, latency
2) to find out if there are freely available classical test suites that 
are used to perform encoding tests.

Since these are substantially encoder-independent issues, I thought 
there are good chances to find here these things.

I apologize again if this thread has to be considered completely 
off-topic and should be banned.

Best regards,
Andrea Marson

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