[FFmpeg-devel] Testing hardware H264 encoder (probably OT)

neve_capricorn at gmx.de neve_capricorn at gmx.de
Wed Apr 11 21:16:01 CEST 2012

Hi Andrea,

are you using the dsp from the pandboard from texas?


Am 11.04.12 14:50, schrieb Michael Niedermayer:
> On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 12:43:17PM +0200, Andrea Marson - DAVE Simply Embedded wrote:
>>> If you want to get encoder X to do Y best would be to reads encoders
>>> X manual or if its something you bought, licensed or so. There may
>>> be a a support hotline.
>>> Not sure why you think we would know how to configure some random
>>> hardware encoder, is there some relation to ffmpeg ? is that hardware
>>> decoder using ffmpeg ?
>> Michael,
>> thanks for your feedback.
>> Your remarks are fair. Unfortunately the documentation provided
>> along with the encoder and the support is poor.
>> Even if the encoder is not related to ffmpeg I posted to this mailing list:
>> 1) to find out some "rule of thumbs" related to basic well-known
>> encoding parameters (profile, level, bitrate etc.) that I should
>> follow in order to improve frame drop rate at the expense of, for
>> example, latency
>> 2) to find out if there are freely available classical test suites
>> that are used to perform encoding tests.
>> Since these are substantially encoder-independent issues, I thought
>> there are good chances to find here these things.
> Well, you can try a lower resolution, lower frame rate, and fewer
> things enabled, i do not know what tuneable parameters this encoder
> has. Fewer reference frames, maybe intra only, ...
> also it of course depends on what you want  to achive, as making the
> encoder run faster and not drop frames implicates you want it to do
> less and this will likely cause one of: lower quality,
> higher bitrate or lower resolution. Or of course more money for a
> better encoder, I dont know which of these would make sense to you but
> it should be fairly obvious from what loss is acceptable to you to
> then tune that part down to see if that helps.
> [...]
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