[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavfi: add duration field to AVFilterBufferRef

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Wed Aug 1 11:38:52 CEST 2012

Le quintidi 15 thermidor, an CCXX, Stefano Sabatini a écrit :
> Also what about *audio* frames, does it make sense to define a
> duration for them as well. What's the meaning of a samples buffer with
> a nominal duration greater than the one covered by the contained
> samples

Example: samples recorded from a sound card, the timer of the sound card is
1/1000 faster than its nominal speed: you can have nb_samples=1920 and

>	  (should we pad it with silence, should we repeat it, should we
> "stretch" it?).

In this example, stretch it or use it to adjust the video timestamps.

> Or should we keep it a property of only *video buffers*, and always
> rely on nb_samples+sample_rate when dealing with audio buffers?

It will be needed for subtitles too.


  Nicolas George
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