[FFmpeg-devel] current way to tell if image is bottom up -possible bug

Don Moir donmoir at comcast.net
Thu Aug 23 20:51:26 CEST 2012

> On 23/08/2012 2:26 PM, Don Moir wrote:
>> So your saying extradata should contain "BottomUp" in this case? I always
>> thought this was a bit strange and thinking a flag should be used 
>> instead.
>> I don't know for sure if it ever worked in ffplay because I don't think
>> ffplay ever checked for "BottomUp". Just saying its upside down in 
>> ffplay.
>> For me, I check for "BottomUp" and invert if necessary and no longer can 
>> do.
>> Just reply and I will report it as a bug.

>i am not saying anything about extradata or BottomUp, just that if
>it worked with ffplay in the past and no longer works then its likely
>a bug, also if it works with some other player and doesnt work with
>ffplay its likely a bug

>To be able to say more i need a reproduceable testcase and sample

I don't think it ever worked in ffplay but it worked in my app. Now it 
appears you cannot tell if a video is bottom up or at least in the following 

The method I use is to check extradata for "BottomUp" but no longer works. 
If there was a better way, I would use it.


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