[FFmpeg-devel] FFMPEG Frame add drop algorithm

C Chatterjee cchatterj at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 4 21:08:01 CET 2012

The FFMPEG frame dropping and duplication algorithm for constant frame rates is:
    case VSYNC_CFR:
        // FIXME set to 0.5 after we fix some dts/pts bugs like in avidec.c
        if (delta < -1.1)
            nb_frames = 0;
        else if (delta > 1.1)
            nb_frames = lrintf(delta);

Why are we using -1.1 to +1.1 instead of -0.6 to +0.6?
Is this due to the avidec.c bugs only as the comment says or are there more reasons?
Is there a writeup or discussion you can point me to?

Chanchal Chatterjee

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