[FFmpeg-devel] Consultant/developer wanted: RTMP to HLS

Kevin Day kevin at your.org
Wed Dec 12 21:10:48 CET 2012

I'm looking for a consultant who can assist in developing something that can receive a RTMP live stream (Sorenson video, Nellymoser audio) and transcoding it to H.264/AAC using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) playlists and segmented files. We have something (chaining ffmpeg to flvstreamer) that mostly works, but has trouble with timecodes when connecting to a live stream that's been running for a while, or if the stream is stopped/started while transcoding. If you've got any experience in this area and would like to discuss things further off list, please email me!

(Message sent here on the advice of https://ffmpeg.org/consulting.html )

-- Kevin

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