[FFmpeg-devel] avformat_find_stream_info optimisation

Julian Scheel julian at jusst.de
Thu Dec 20 23:09:37 CET 2012


after I realized that avformat_find_stream_info takes quite a long time when trying to open a mpeg-ts live stream I digged into the code and saw there is a todo mark. It asks for some options to allow the user to specify which information should be acquired by avformat_find_stream_info and which can be skipped because they would not be needed.
Are there any suggestions what kind of filter options would make sense there? Maybe a bitmask which allows to set query flags like STREAM_FPS, STREAM_RATE, STREAM_DURATION, etc.
As I require to start playback of a mpeg-ts stream in shortest possible time I'd like to give optimisation a try. So if I get some hints on what would be expected by the main developers for this feature, I'd be thankful.


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