[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libopenjpeg renamed copy functions, simplified copying procedure

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Jan 17 12:06:57 CET 2012

Michael Bradshaw <mbradshaw <at> sorensonmedia.com> writes:

> Attached patch renames copying functions (no longer "yuv" and "rgba", but
> "packed" and "unpacked" instead) and gets rid of the numcomps parameter.
>  This gives a greater sense of flexibility and abstraction when copying the
> buffers, and gets rid of the "which function to use for copying gray"
> confusion.  Functionally, it changes nothing.

I applied these parts, please flame me if I added a bug;-)

> I also broke up some of the longest lines and used indexing variables to
> reduce the line length.  Please comment.


> +        image->comps[compno].data[image_index] = frame->data[0][frame_index];
> +        ++image_index;

Please merge these two lines (imo).


>      for (x = 0; x < width; ++x) {
> -        image->comps[compno].data[y * width + x] = frame_ptr[y *
> (frame->linesize[compno] / 2) + x];
> +        image->comps[compno].data[image_index] = frame_ptr[frame_index];
> +        ++image_index;
> +        ++frame_index;

Can memcpy() be used here?

Consider sending small, selfcontained patches, they make regression testing
significantly easier (although that may not be relevant in this case).

Carl Eugen

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