[FFmpeg-devel] Contract work

Rene von Olten renevonolten at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 10:41:07 CET 2012

Hello Developers,

I am a freelance web designer based in France and for one of my
clients (a non-commercial educational/game web site for a church
organization) I'm looking for the following solution:

They have videos hosted on Apache/linux server, 5 to 60 mins duration
These videos need to be visitor personalized, each video contains a
static scene showing a bulletin board or school board and the name of
the visitor needs to be displayed on this school board
Videos are encoded on local PC in h264 using Telestream Episode, they
are flexible on this and can change to any other video encoder.
Important is that they code the videos on local computers and then
upload to their remote Apache server.
When creating the customized video, to avoid long render times the
existing videos should not be re-encoded, only the part with the
bulletin board should be re-encoded and the final video segments need
to be merged into one video file which can be downloaded by the user
or viewed in browser flash or html5 video player.

At first for development/testing purposes I will have 3 video segments
available at my own server:

1) First part of video
2) Part of video which is static and contains the bulletin board.
3) Last part of video

The following steps need to be applied to these segments:


1) (for example) generate a still image that consists of the user
name, for example "David".
2) Merge this still image with the 2nd part of the video so that
"David" appears on the bulletin board. This can be a simple merge, no
need to worry about alpha channels, masks, etc. (maybe later), encode
to new merged output. If you can skip the creating of the still image
and merge "David" into the video file directly, great.
3) Merge the 3 parts of the video into one large file without
re-encoding part 1 and 3

At a later stage the splitting of the video into three sections before
merging the visitor name should be done on the server as well, so
there will be one stock video available, your solution splits this
into three parts, re-renders part 2 to insert the name, and then
merges the 3 parts into 1 video file again.

Please let me know if you think you can create the above solution for
us and an indication of your rate for this.


René von Olten

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