[FFmpeg-devel] How do we deal with muxing 3GPP Timed Text subtitles?

Clément Bœsch ubitux at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 10:53:03 CEST 2012

On Sat, Jul 07, 2012 at 09:38:52PM -0700, Philip Langdale wrote:
> Hi all,
> As you know, I'm currently working on an encoder for 3GPP
> timed text. The actual encoder itself is straight forward;
> the much harder question is muxing, and there are two
> challenges.
> 1) As mp4 doesn't store duration, the end of a subtitle is
> represented by an empty subtitle, unless it is intended to
> remain visible until the next real subtitle appears.

This reminds me the DVB subtitle hack in ffmpeg.c...

> 2) A fully conforming file always as a sample at pts==0. For
> subtitles, which hardly ever have anything at pts==0, this
> means there's usually an empty subtitle at pts==0.
> This means that we do not have a 1:1 relationship between
> samples passed into the decoder and samples written to the
> file by the muxer. Somewhere in the middle, we need to generate
> the empty subtitles we need to mux correctly.

For the pts==0 case, can't you write it in the write_header() callback

> The current code I have in my tree for this is sub-optimal, and
> it does the following:
> 1) When the first sample is seen, and pts != 0, write an empty
> subtitle at pts == 0 before the first real subtitle. This sucks
> because it could mean the first subtitle sample is many minutes
> into the stream, which will lead to buffering problems on playback.
> 2) After a real sample is written, write another empty sample to
> mark the duration. To try and avoid non-monotonically increasing
> pts, the pts of the empty sample is (pts + duration - 10). This
> is shitty, and doesn't always work due to rounding. Ideal, we would
> know if the next subtitle is set to appear immediately after the
> current subtitle and then decide whether to generate an empty
> subtitle or not.
> In both cases, what we really want to know is information about
> the next sample, but how do we get it? In general, it is not
> possible to fully extract the subtitle stream, as the source
> may not be seekable, but I feel this is the only available option.
> To add to the inconvenience, I think this has to be a demux-side
> behaviour, as I can't see a way that the muxer can transparently
> buffer the whole subtitle stream if it can't control the order or
> interleave of incoming packets.

If you only need access to the next sample, can't you cache one subtitles
ahead only?

> Existing tools that support muxing timed text all work by fully
> extracting the source subtitles before attempting to mux the
> output file.

That's actually what we do for most of the text subtitles, but I'm not
sure it's a good idea in this case.


Clément B.
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