[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 6/6] lavf: count skipped samples for initial timestamps.

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Thu Jul 19 16:31:42 CEST 2012

Le primidi 1er thermidor, an CCXX, Michael Niedermayer a écrit :
> does this affect stream copy ?


[PACKET]               [PACKET]
pts=0 (0.000000)       pts=-25 (-0.025000)
dts=0 (0.000000)       dts=-25 (-0.025000)
dur=N/A (N/A)          dur=26 (0.026000)
[PACKET]               [PACKET]
pts=26 (0.026000)      pts=1 (0.001000)
dts=26 (0.026000)      dts=1 (0.001000)
dur=26 (0.026000)      dur=26 (0.026000)
[PACKET]               [PACKET]
pts=52 (0.052000)      pts=27 (0.027000)
dts=52 (0.052000)      dts=27 (0.027000)
dur=26 (0.026000)      dur=26 (0.026000)
[PACKET]               [PACKET]
pts=78 (0.078000)      pts=53 (0.053000)
dts=78 (0.078000)      dts=53 (0.053000)
dur=26 (0.026000)      dur=26 (0.026000)

I edited the output of ffprobe to make it more readable. Left it the current
code, mp3 remuxed into Matroska, time_base=1/1000; right is the modified

> i mean when stream copying something with skiped samples the
> underlaying packet timestamps have to stay as they are

I completely agree with that, but my patch addresses a case where there are
no underlying packet timestamps, lavf is completely inventing them by
deciding that the first packet starts at 0 and then adding the durations.
This patch only changes the position of the arbitrary 0.

I believe the new version is more correct, even with stream copy. It also
seems consistent with what we get when stream-copying from Ogg Vorbis for


  Nicolas George
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