[FFmpeg-devel] MIPS optimizations of codecs

Nedeljko Babic nbabic at mips.com
Mon Jun 4 18:02:55 CEST 2012

Requested changes considering code organization are made.
 Most of the functions are called using function pointers now.
 For rest of them #ifndef func_name is being used.

Changes in assembler code suggested by Vitor Sessak are implemented.

Since lrintf  is part of libm library and not ffmpeg,
I agree that this is not the best place for this optimization.
However, current compilers ( Sourcery G++ 4.5.1 is the last that I tested )
are doing poor job optimizing this function.
Because lrintf uses lot of decoding time (8 - 10%) on streams that we used
for profiling it is left in place for now.
We can always remove it when this optimization becomes unnecessary.

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