[FFmpeg-devel] Blackmagic DeckLink indev

Dave Rice daverice at mac.com
Fri Jun 15 20:33:57 CEST 2012

Hey joolz,
I've added a bunch of blackmagic cards to my setup and want to try your patch. Is the attachment from your March 29, 2012 still the most recent. I looked for your patches online but couldn't find them hosted anywhere.

On Mar 29, 2012, at 5:27 AM, JULIAN GARDNER wrote:

> Code from the Blackmagic/Decklink WIP
> As posted before, problem is that one a 1080i50 it works, but on a 720p59.94 i get 0.06 fps as the frame rate.
> Ive added a couple of command
> To get the correct input format
> ffmpeg -f decklink -list_formats 1 -i ""
> then from this list
> ffmpeg -f decklink -input_format xx -i "" .......
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