[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mkv: add new opentype mimetype

Hendrik Leppkes h.leppkes at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 10:47:31 CEST 2012

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 10:31 AM, Nicolas George <
nicolas.george at normalesup.org> wrote:

> Please note that OpenType and TrueType are really two different formats. A
> quick check shows that mkvmerge actually distinguishes the types. On the
> other hand, any font handling library would probe the format anyway.
> I do not know which one would be better: state that CODEC_ID_TTF really
> means CODEC_ID_FONT for any font file format, or create a new
> CODEC_ID_OPENTYPE. Both have pros and cons. On the long run, the second is
> probably slightly better.

This occured to me as well, but because the font libraries really do handle
this themself, i opted to go the simple route and use CODEC_ID_TTF.
I would be fine with adding a new CODEC_ID_OTF or _OPENTYPE or something
like that as well, but of course this then asks all consumers to add
support for this, while using _TTF will "just work" in most cases.

- Hendrik

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