[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/6] buffersink: check that the API is called on the correct filter.

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Tue Jun 26 13:42:39 CEST 2012

L'octidi 8 messidor, an CCXX, Michael Niedermayer a écrit :
> iam not 100% sure this is safe, &avfilter_asink_abuffer taken
> from inside a lib and from a user app could differ thanks to copy
> relocations. I dont know if there is a possible case where they could
> mismatch for this here though ...
> we had bugs in teh AVPacket destructor due to such checks in the past
> already so i have a bad feeling ...

I do not see how not being able to compare an object with itself in the same
compilation unit can fail to cause no end of problems. Perhaps the bugs with
AVPacket were related to function pointers from inside the library compared
to the visible functions outside the library.

Anyway, asserts are not necessary for ffmpeg to work, just practical when
debugging: I'll keep these commits in my working tree until buffersink is
unified but not push them. Please disregard them if they end up as part of a
batch git send-email.


  Nicolas George
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