[FFmpeg-devel] Stream JPEG snapshot idea

Rick van der Zwet info at rickvanderzwet.nl
Sun Mar 4 14:09:01 CET 2012

The current version of Format jpeg is in practice linked to mpjpeg thus not
sending an single frame and proper jpeg headers. Secondly the connection does
not get closed after the frame is sent.

This functionality could be usefull for generating snapshot like images to be
embedded into an webpage for example (as teaser).

Maybe the attached patches is an idea for implementation:
  - [PATCH 1/2] Sent fixed amount frames.
  - [PATCH 2/2] ffserver JPEG support for snapshots.

To be used with sample config
  <Stream stream.jpg>
    Feed stream.ffm
    Format jpeg
    MaxFrames 1
    VideoSize 1280x720

I was wondering whether this is the right approch to implement or whether I
should thing in an different direction?

Br. /Rick

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