[FFmpeg-devel] Enabling frame sizes changes with FF_THREAD_FRAMEs globally.

Dale Curtis dalecurtis at chromium.org
Fri Mar 9 23:52:06 CET 2012


Are there still any outstanding issues with enabling frame size changes
with multiple threads globally? H264 and H263 have codec specific checks in
place. Ronald suspects RV40 and MPEG codecs may have issues. Are there any
others? Or other concerns to be aware of? I'm curious because, the Chromium
team would like to enable this for VP8 frame size changes.

diff --git a/libavcodec/utils.c b/libavcodec/utils.c
index 23ab832..9f409fb 100644
--- a/libavcodec/utils.c
+++ b/libavcodec/utils.c
@@ -425,11 +425,6 @@ static int video_get_buffer(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame
     buf = &avci->buffer[avci->buffer_count];

     if(buf->base[0] && (buf->width != w || buf->height != h ||
buf->pix_fmt != s->pix_fmt)){
-        if(s->active_thread_type&FF_THREAD_FRAME) {
-            av_log_missing_feature(s, "Width/height changing with frame
threads is", 0);
-            return -1;
-        }
         for (i = 0; i < AV_NUM_DATA_POINTERS; i++) {
             buf->data[i]= NULL;

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