[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] iff: do not decode unsupported pbms with ham decoder

Paul B Mahol onemda at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 12:48:17 CET 2012

On 3/12/12, Peter Ross <pross at xvid.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 11:48:11PM +0000, Paul B Mahol wrote:
>> On 3/11/12, Peter Ross <pross at xvid.org> wrote:
>> > This prevents the segfault reported by ticket #1054
>> Does this fix real source of crash or just adds "workaround"?
> Yes, it fixes the source of the segfault.
> The 's->ham_buf' buffer is only allocated for HAM images, yet
> we were invoking the HAM decoder anyway for unsupported non-HAM
> images. Writing to the allocated buffer triggered the segfault.
> So this patch places a 'if (s->ham) {' guard around the decoder,
> and print out an appropriate warning for unsupported files.

OK, you will need to rebase patch...

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