[FFmpeg-devel] GSOC 2012

Michael Bradshaw mbradshaw at sorensonmedia.com
Mon Mar 12 18:55:40 CET 2012

> and i forgot
> grammer nazies are welcome too, to spell&grammer check the page
OK :)

I don't have an account on the multimedia wiki, but here are some things:

Under "Improve the audio resampling/rematrixing/converting code" the list
is not in parallel.  Without going full nazi on it, I'd say just make sure
each bullet point starts with a capital letter.

The first bullet point under "Implement a H.265 / High efficiency video
coding (HVEC) decoder" should have commas like so: "Write a basic decoder
supporting I, P, and, if time permits, B slices".  The third bullet point
ends in "its not something for the average SOC student" but the "its"
should be "it's".

Under "Libavfilter extension" second line, "The task would consist into"
should be "The task would consist of".

First letter of the last bullet point under "Bayer colorspace formats"
should be capitalized, for consistency.

I don't have time to do a more detailed review or look over the 2nd tier
projects, unfortunately.

Michael Bradshaw

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