[FFmpeg-devel] GSOC 2012

Beauchesne, Gwenole gwenole.beauchesne at intel.com
Fri Mar 16 16:08:23 CET 2012


> gwenole, want to mentor something hwaccel related ?

Why not, there are multiple subjects that need to be worked on:

* hwaccel: global architecture

Revisit my older v2 proposal to completely get rid of HW pixel formats. The advantages were: this simplifies things, clean ups code, allows to move more code to the codec library (FFmpeg), allow for fallbacks to SW decoding (at the stream level if HW cannot meet the requirements, not while decoding a particular stream). The key point was to separate identification of the pixel format from the underlying HW accelerator. This will also allow for reading HW surfaces back, when requested if the selected pixel format.

I believe this would make it easier to fix the threading + hwaccel issues.

Add encoding and post processing infrastructure.

* VA-API (hwaccel)

Codecs related:
- Add support {,M}JPEG decoding
- Add support for VC-1 interlaced acceleration
- Add support for H.264 interlaced

Tools related:
- Add VA support to ffplay (see my older patches)
  + requires some VO infrastructure work
  + requires hwaccel hooks
  + requires enabling vaapi, dxva, bcm, tidsp, whatever

- Add VA support to ffmpeg
  + requires VA/DRI API, for no X dependency
  + dependencies: hwaccel v2 to construct pipelines (HW->HW, HW->SW, SW->HW, etc.), or at least allow for VA surface readback wherever necessary.

* VDPAU (hwaccel)

Update and push my older hwaccel-based VDPAU code. It should still work. :)

If priorities were to be set, I'd say: hwaccel v2 infrastructure work + ffplay enabling altogether.

Gwenole Beauchesne
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