[FFmpeg-devel] detecting MP3 content following ID3 tags over PROBE_BUF_MAX

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Mar 19 20:03:11 CET 2012

Ami Fischman <fischman <at> chromium.org> writes:

> This came up in the context of a chrome bug <http://crbug.com/110309> report
> with users complaining that certain MP3's encoded with large album artwork
> in ID3 tags fail to play in chrome.

I downloaded the following samples from the bug:

All four decode fine with ffmpeg and ffplay with above names.
If I rename the files to "data", the first three files still play fine, the
fourth and the fifth fail with both FFmpeg and the Qatar / Google fork.

While I completely agree that it would be nice if FFmpeg would simply skip valid
ID3 tags, I don't see a regression wrt to the mentioned fork.

Carl Eugen

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