[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] logos

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 27 16:06:19 CEST 2012

Am 27.03.12 15:34, schrieb Alexander Strasser:
>>>   I have cropped and scaled the image and prepared a patch for the web page.
>>> Both can be found under trac ticket #1136. If someone thinks the new banner
>>> background color doesn't fit with the h1 headings, we could change their color
>>> too. (IMHO it is not needed, but everybody sees things with different eyes/
>>> on different displays.)
>> For my eyes a plain white banner background should be least distractive with
>> most logos to come. Otherwise I'm fine with it.
>   I found the green a bit more fresh for the spring look and the colorful
> banner. Did you have a look at both? My suggestion and your proposal of a
> white background? I looked at all before making my choice of proposal (the
> third is the current version) and found the green background most pleasing
> in combination with the spring logo, followed by the white background as
> version you suggested.

Honestly I didn't. But that's not my concern, you're most likely correct that it
might be looking better for now with the color you've chosen. I don't object
that and I don't mind if we do that for the spring logo.

My concern was about a common ground for artists willing to give us some logos.
A plain white does not limit them like other colors could do. For the case white
would not be a good background for the logo created, one might fade in in
logo-space to a dark/colored background.

One might argue that the colored background belongs to the corresponding logo
but that third color is in my eyes also a visual break in our homepage design -
whatever it is other than the white or the green we're using for the rest of the

>   Also note that it is not possible with the spring logo layout to not
> modify the img width/height attributes. So that will have to be changed
> back and forth anyway. I don't know if just omitting those attributes
> would also be a solution.
>   IIUC you are our homepage banner/logo maintainer now, so please feel free
> to decide yourself :P

Maybe - let's say I jump in to release Michael from yet another burden. But I
don't decide anything that's not what maintaining should be about. For the
spring logo I would be really fine with all your suggestions.


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