[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] ffm: redesign header format to make it extensible

Clément Bœsch ubitux at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 00:37:56 CEST 2012

On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 12:34:39AM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 12:19:38AM +0200, Clément Bœsch wrote:
> > On Tue, Oct 09, 2012 at 03:57:13AM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > > Currently FFM files generated with one versions of ffmpeg generally
> > > cannot be read by another.
> > > By spliting data into chunks, more fields can saftely be appended to
> > > chunks as well as new chunks added.
> > > 
> > 
> > I like the idea of adding the size of the chunk to insert any random data
> > at any point. Nothing to say about the patch itself except maybe
> > documenting that particular change somewhere about FFM2 vs FFM.
> about docs, hmm, iam not sure where to doc it but i agree

doc/ffserver.texi looks like a Q&A thing, maybe just add a "What's FFM and
FFM2" where you give some hints about the differences, what's selected by
default, and why prefer one solution over another.

Clément B.
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