[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavfi: add kerndeint filter

Jérémy TRAN tran.jeremy.av at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 17:33:43 CEST 2012

2012/10/14 Clément Bœsch <ubitux at gmail.com>:
> By the way, if adding the test to FATE is a problem, here is a small
> summary of the steps I follow when doing it (not sure that's the optimal
> way, but it's not intuitive so I'm sharing it):
>  - add a do_lavfi entry (or do_lavfi_pixfmts?) test in tests/lavfi-regression.sh
>  - touch tests/ref/lavfi/yourfilter. Note that this file is necessary to
>    make the test detected (see the next step)
>  - Re-run the configure so the test is added to the list (grep yourfilter
>    config.mak to check it's indeed found)
>  - ``make fate-lavfi-yourfilter | patch -p1'' to update the reference file
>  - make fate-lavfi-yourfilter (and make fate) to check if everything is fine
>  - Now obviously, make sure the output is correct by modifying the command
>    returned by ``make fate-lavfi-yourfilter V=1'' to output a picture
>    instead of a md5/crc/whatever
>  - now git add lavfi-regression.sh & the ref file and profit!

Thank you very much.
The issue was that I didn’t name the test correctly (kerndeint instead
of pixfmts_kerndeint). That’s why it wouldn't produce any output…
The patch is coming very soon !

Jérémy Tran
ACU 2013

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