[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] start code detection for hardware decode

anuj mittal am.devel at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 12:56:52 CEST 2012


I've some AVIs with divx bitstream packed frames. When I play these
file using hardware decode VAAPI, I notice frame drops.

It looks like that the logic to calculate the end of the frame (while
calculating the slice size to be sent to hardware) isn't correct for
hardware decode. If I have a B frame packed with a P, it just sends
the size of P+B to the hardware. Because of this, the packed B frames
do not get decoded at all.

The attached patch tries to fix this behaviour. The code will now
check for the start code while calculating the value of "end". If the
start of next frame has been detected, it will update s->mb_y.

Please comment.

Thank you

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