[FFmpeg-devel] on the hard state of ffmpeg command line options

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Sun Oct 28 23:55:21 CET 2012

Le septidi 7 brumaire, an CCXXI, Michael Bradshaw a écrit :
> If I'm not mistaken, I think he's suggesting that new people don't
> know if it's specifying the input or output format.

"As a general rule, options are applied to the next specified file."

This is the first line of the third small paragraph of the documentation.

On one side, we have people who have spent time learning the general
principle of the command line and now are using ffmpeg for useful tasks.

On the other side, we have people who do not even bother to read the doc.

And it is suggested to change the syntax, and therefore render void all
efforts invested in learning it, just to help the second category, without
even proof that it will actually help (if they do not read the doc now, they
will not read the doc later either).

I personally do not think it is a worthy endeavour.


  Nicolas George
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