[FFmpeg-devel] on the hard state of ffmpeg command line options

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Mon Oct 29 15:58:54 CET 2012

On Sun, 28 Oct 2012 22:12:56 -0600, Michael Bradshaw wrote:
>On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Nicolas George
><nicolas.george at normalesup.org> wrote:
>> Le septidi 7 brumaire, an CCXXI, Michael Bradshaw a écrit :
>>> If I'm not mistaken, I think he's suggesting that new people don't
>>> know if it's specifying the input or output format.
>> "As a general rule, options are applied to the next specified file."
>> This is the first line of the third small paragraph of the documentation.
>> On one side, we have people who have spent time learning the general
>> principle of the command line and now are using ffmpeg for useful tasks.
>> On the other side, we have people who do not even bother to read the doc.
>> And it is suggested to change the syntax, and therefore render void all
>> efforts invested in learning it, just to help the second category, without
>> even proof that it will actually help (if they do not read the doc now, they
>> will not read the doc later either).
>> I personally do not think it is a worthy endeavour.
>I concur. I think what would help new people the most is a massive
>overhaul on the site/documentation (to change the
>presentation/formatting/layout, not necessarily the content) to make
>it more "inviting" and navigable, but that's a whole different subject
>that would require more man power than I believe is available.

is it that hard just to have aliases for -if and -of and -ivcodec and
-ovcodec ?

reminds me of mencoder options , -vc -ovc -demuxer -of etc.


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