[FFmpeg-devel] Relicensing filters and general approach to crowd funding

Robert Krüger krueger at lesspain.de
Tue Oct 30 12:02:19 CET 2012


I would be interested in having some filters (currently yadif and
hqdn3d) relicensed to LGPL and would like to ask the developer
community how to go about this.

I have brought up the general topic in the past regarding small
companies like ours not being able to fund major features individually
and I would guess this also applies here as I do not expect that the
price for relicensing any of the two mentioned filters is so low.

First of all, would someone be willing and able to find a price that
would make the copyright holders agree to relicensing? If none of the
developers would like to that, would it be considered appropriate if I
wrote to the (according to the source I think 5) copyright holders to
ask them?

Once a price is there, I would volunteer to do some research regarding
crowd funding options, which could then, if accepted by the dev
community, also be used for other targeted funding in the future (this
is for example how the Linux editing software Kdenlive raised a few
thousand dollars to get their main dev to do a major refactoring of
the platform). I am quite optimistic there is significant money out
there that people/companies would be willing to pay for advancing
ffmpeg as long as it improves/creates a certain feature they care




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