[FFmpeg-devel] Consultant for seeking improvements (in mov demuxer)

Beni Weine onlineweinies at bluewin.ch
Sat Sep 1 22:02:21 CEST 2012

Our organization is willing to fund improvements on the seeking capabilities for mp4 files. 
We are particularly interested in a byte-wise seeking mechanism, which is currently not implemented in libavformat/mov.c.Meaning, calling avformat_seek_file with AVSEEK_FLAG_BYTE does not work with mp4 (it does work with MPEG-2, libavformat/mpegts.c contains read_seek2). 
Why bytes-wise seeking? Long story... The video recording system delivers a mp4 file (segmented, without hint tracks) plus a time index file (proprietary) which includes a timestamp and the corresponding byte position in the H.264 data (I-frame).
Is anybody interested?

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