[FFmpeg-devel] Short last frame with movenc

Al Crate al at dneg.com
Thu Sep 20 17:41:51 CEST 2012

Hi, I`m trying to encoded a prores movie into a mov container.

This works fine with

time_base.den = 24
time_base.num = 1

But if I try

time_base.den = 600
time_base.num = 25

I get problems with moveenc setting the duration of the last frame to 1, 
instead of 25.

It looks like oformat->write_header() which is called in 
avformat_write_header is setting the AVStream time_base to 600:1 instead 
of 600:25.

Can some one reproduce this, I did a packet dump and the durations are 
all 0.0002, whereas using 24/1 they come out with the correct duration 
of 0.042.

Oddly the pts and dts values look right.

Any help would be much appreciated, the odd time_base values are for 
Final Cut Pro (yeah right) compatability.



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