[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 5/5] Add Windows Resource File support for shared libraries

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Thu Sep 27 23:24:37 CEST 2012

Hi jamal,

I just skimmed over the descriptions, so this is not a proper review in any way.

jamal wrote:
> Working only with GNU windres.
> The .rc files will be compiled only when building ffmpeg with MinGW/Cygwin and shared libraries enabled
> ---
> +            VALUE "CompanyName",      "FFmpeg"

  "FFmpeg team" or "FFmpeg project" might also be alternatives that give
hints that FFmpeg is not a company. No, I have no strong feelings about
this and I am also fine with just "FFmpeg".

> +            VALUE "FileDescription",  "FFmpeg video filtering library"

  "video filtering" sounds a bit too constrained to me. Maybe use

  "FFmpeg multimedia filtering library" or
  "FFmpeg A/V filtering library" or just
  "FFmpeg filtering library"

> +            VALUE "FileDescription",  "FFmpeg container format library"
> +            VALUE "FileDescription",  "FFmpeg utility library"
> +            VALUE "FileDescription",  "FFmpeg postprocessing library"
> +            VALUE "FileDescription",  "FFmpeg audio rescaling library"

  I would tend to use resampling instead of rescaling here.


> +            VALUE "FileDescription",  "FFmpeg image rescaling library"

  No strong opinion, but maybe video would be the nicer term here. Also
considering the pairing of
"FFmpeg audio resampling library"/"FFmpeg video rescaling library"


  Those were all just suggestions, maybe other developers can state their
preferences too. Also I guess this can be changed at any time later. No
need to do any changes yet. I just think it is always a good idea to think
about terminology and to try to come up with a consistent one. It makes
it much easier to talk and communicate about FFmpeg, especially to users
that normally do not closely follow the development of FFmpeg.

  Also something slightly OT. I guess you volunteer to maintain this stuff
(looks like it will need updates from time to time). Would you like to be
the build system maintainer? I think the people currently listed in MAINTAINERS
do not maintain our version of the build system anymore which has diverged
from their fork. So if you would like to step up to that task, please send
a patch to replace the entries in MAINTAINERS with your full name; if you
do not want to be listed alone you can write my name after yours.

  If you want to, you can also maintain a publicly accessible FFmpeg
git repo with your proposed changes. This would make it easier for you to
get testers prior to inclusion in the official repo and it is easy to merge
it into the official repo as soon as it is ready.

  Alexander Strasser

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