[FFmpeg-devel] Proposed new videofilter xyz2rgb

Matthias Buercher reader at belle-nuit.com
Sun Sep 30 19:38:20 CEST 2012

Dear People of FFmpeg,

I have posted on my website a proof of concept, that you can export and play from a DCP.


FFmpeg could already read MXF files.
The missing link was that the JPEG2000 files are in XYZ color space. 
Some people used ImageMagick to convert them, but this is cumbersome.

Therefore I have written an new videofilter xyz2rgb and i have posted the source code also on my webpage


It adds a new file 
- vf_xyz2rgb.c
and modifes allfilters.c and the Makefile

With this filter, the colorspace of the image can be transformed and the DCP can be exported or played (image only).

You are great people sharing your knowledge, so I would contribute you with this code.
I will not have the time involve more into your development, so if you are interested, just pick the code files and use them. I subscribed to the maillist only to contact you.


Matthias Bürcher

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