[FFmpeg-devel] [FFmpeg_devel][questions] I want add opencl share buffers to filter, but I don't konw how to add is appropriate, my ideas and questions are in the mail

Wei Gao highgod0401 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 14:44:14 CEST 2013

I think the OpenCL in filter pipeline must think about the case that both
filters are  opencl neighbours, such as

I thinks we should reuse the buffers of opencl filters in order to reduce
the time of copying data between CPU and GPU. I draw a flow chart to
describe the pipeline for our design in our test version as follows.

And the question is as follows;
1. How can a current filter konw the pervious filter and next filter is
opencl?(our test version is make a opencl as a single filter, and check
whether the name of the filter has the _opencl string. but in our trunk
version, opencl is as a option added to filters.) Should we have to add a
OpenCL flag to avfilter context?

2.How can the current filter get the previous filter's OpenCL output buffer?

Best regards
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