[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] alsdec: Consistently use an exclamation mark for error messages.

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 5 17:54:19 CET 2013

Am 05.01.13 16:54, schrieb Stefano Sabatini:
> On date Saturday 2013-01-05 15:53:07 +0100, Thilo Borgmann encoded:
>> For consistency...
>> -Thilo
>> From 67d5795b8fc0ffc6eccffc45bca22e9303a4fe8e Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
>> From: Thilo Borgmann <thilo.borgmann at googlemail.com>
>> Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2013 15:38:06 +0100
>> Subject: [PATCH] alsdec: Consistently use an exclamation mark for error messages.
> Why this?!
> Seriously, we shouldn't scary users in case of errors! Also it is not
> very consistent with the rest of the codebase error messages! Did you
> see it?!

I see it is consistent within the als decoder what has never been complained
about. These are some error messages where no ! has been in use yet, there have
already been more with a ! in use.

I don't see how a ! scares someone. An error should not go unnoticed and that is
what a ! shall express. Yes, this is enough content for a looong discussion though.

I would like to follow any global log-message rule we have but I'm not aware of
any, have we? So all I can do is to keep my littly maintainance universe as
pretty as possible.


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